New Roof! Special Thanks!

We’ve needed a new roof for years!  We praise God that we were recently able to get a new roof on our humble church.  Now we can continue to praise you Lord and be that beacon on to the world.  Thank you Jesus!

Special Thank You!

New Hope Life Center wants to send a big thank you to Junction City, Safeway and members of the New Hope Life Center church for a successful Fourth of July Firework Stand.  Money that was received will go towards repairing our roof that is in major need of repairs.  THANK YOU!

Welcome Pastor Steve Rice

Beginning January 21st, we welcome Pastor Steve Rice to pastor our church.  We welcome his sincere approach and look for future updates.

February 4th, after service, New Hope Life Center is having a pot luck to meet our new pastor.  Food will be provided and we ask to bring a dessert or soda.